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Discover the Top 5 Beautiful Beach Resorts of Phuket, Thailand

Discover the Top 5 Beautiful Beach Resorts of Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Thailand is a place with many beautiful and attractive beaches. Here are the top five most visited beaches in Phuket:

1.     Le Meriden Phuket Beach – located at the Phuket’s Westcoast regions. It has an area of 40 acres lot, a very spacious resort anybody would love. Le Meriden has a total of 417 rooms to choose from, with 53 luxury suites. It is just five minutes away from the well known sites oj Phuket such as the Payong restaurants and shops, where visitors can roam around while they stay in the resort.

2.     Katathani Phuket Beach Resort – located in the southwest coast of Phuket, lined with 850 meter stretch of white sand beach. The resort is surrounded by lush green hills which are captivating. Here, one can enjoy the view of the blue ocean waters and the amazing ocean waves. There are also coconut trees, which is a perfect charm in this attractive beach resort. Visitors can swim in the resort’s 6 swimming pools to choose from. The resort also offer spa services for its visitors. Katathani is designed with beautiful interior which is adored by many. This resort is perfect for families spending their summer vacations.

3.     Andaman White White Beach Resort – a romantic holiday destination, which is private and secluded. This resort is perfect for newlywed couples and honeymooners. The beach resort is a tranquil place where one can relax and enjoy the quiet and serene atmosphere of the place. Lots of visitors come here from different countries just to experience a true Asian beach trip.

4.     Sheraton Grante Laguna, Phuket – the resort is lined with bright white sand, and lucs green hills. A picture perfect beach resort, where one can acquire peace and serenity. The beach resort has a total of 423 rooms to choose from. Sheraton Gramde offers full luxury and comfort to its every guest.

5.     Chedi Hotel Phuket – one of the Surin beaches in Phuket.  It has 108 rooms to choose from including 108 beautiful cottages. They offer its guests with relaxing and delightful accommodations. the Chedi Grande has friendly and hospitable staffs which will definitely entertain every guest. It has been visited by so many visitors each year because of the beach resort’s beauty and magnificence.

These are just five of the most beautiful resorts in Phuket. Feel free to explore the other wonder beaches of Phuket, Thailand.