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How Taking A Prebiotic Digestive Health Supplement Can Help Relieve Your Diverticulosis Problem

How Taking A Prebiotic Digestive Health Supplement Can Help Relieve Your Diverticulosis Problem

Let’s face it, as you get older more annoying health issues creep up on you all the time. A few years ago I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis. I was aware of the term, but was somewhat concerned because I didn’t really understand what it was. Naturally the doctor told me to eat more fiber and roughage, however recently I decided to add a digestive health supplement to my daily regimen, which is helping to relieve my problem quite a lot.

I imagine you may already eat foods containing live cultures like yogurt, soy yogurt or some other dietary probiotic supplement. Hopefully you are getting some benefits from them, but if you’re not sure whether the probiotics are actually helping to improve your digestive health to the level where you want it to be, you should seriously think about trying a prebiotic like I have done.

In the following article we will look at three important issues I have researched that may be of interest to you also.

Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis

In simple terms Diverticulosis (diverticular disease) causes pockets to be formed on the outer colon wall that develop because of muscle weakness in the colon wall layers. Although this condition can occur in younger people it’s more common in middle age and particularly in older people.

Diverticulitis on the other hand is more serious because it’s an infection in the bowel caused by stools not being readily passed then sitting in these bowel wall pockets. Because they lack moisture and can often sit in this pocket for some days they can become quite large and solid making them extremely difficult and often very painful to pass causing excessive straining, potential bleeding and possibly more serious infection.

One of the most frustrating issues for me has been trying to find a simple natural diet with just the right mix of fiber, roughage and fluid to keep myself consistent without having to spend an inordinate amount of time sitting on the toilet constipated and trying to go, causing me to become more annoyed by the minute.

Fiber & Roughage

Most doctors tend to give similar advice recommending you increase your intake of fiber and roughage by eating more bran, oats, whole grain bread, fruit and vegetables, drinking more water and possibly using a powdered fiber you mix with water.

Over the years I’ve tried all of the above in different combinations with varied success, but nothing really completely solved my problem. However just recently the company in New Zealand I buy my nutritional multivitamin and fish oil supplements from introduced a new prebiotic digestive health supplement into their product range, which I’m finding to be very effective.

It’s only been a few weeks since I started taking them, however the results have been far more positive and exceeded my initial expectations. I won’t go so far as to say going to the toilet now has become something I particularly look forward to, but it has certainly become less frustrating, painful and time consuming.

Why a Prebiotic

This prebiotic digestive health supplement I take is concentrated non-digestible soluble fiber that stimulates the growth of bacteria in the digestive system. This helps to maintain a balanced digestive tract; it also contains excellent natural digestive enzymes to help break down food better and phenolic bioactive compounds commonly found in the skin of kiwi fruit that help inhibit the growth of bad intestinal bacteria in your gut while boosting the growth of good intestinal bacteria.

Why don’t you do yourself a favor by giving a prebiotic a try like I have done? You might just be as pleasantly surprised as me with the positive results you get that helps to reduce the frustration and annoyance Diverticulosis inflicts upon you, which you have to cope with on an ongoing basis.