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Kingfisher Airlines Launches Direct Flights From Kolkata to Patna and Ranchi to Raipur

Kingfisher Airlines Launches Direct Flights From Kolkata to Patna and Ranchi to Raipur

The Kingfisher Airlines, the only luxury airlines in India declared by Skytrax, commenced straight flights linking Kolkata to Patna and Ranchi to Raipur. With the starting of flights on the Ranchi-Raipur course, Kingfisher Airlines is the lone airline to provide direct flights connecting the two cities. The flights are being activated by means of the ATR family of airplane marking the award-winning Kingfisher familiarity.

The direct flights linking Kolkata-Patna and Ranchi-Raipur are being functional as Kingfisher Red service. The Kingfisher Red service is a exclusive and a sole class of low priced flying from Kingfisher Airlines and provides all its passengers a lot of benefits, in addition to the well-known Kingfisher service at convincingly cheap prices. The Kingfisher Red airplane offer hot, appetizing food and a wide selection of drinks, reading magazines, everyday flier benefits and multiple signing in options.

The flights on a daily basis between Kolkata and Patna are expediently timed with flight, IT 4579 leaving from Kolkata at 6.25 pm and arriving in Patna at 7.55 pm. The return flight, IT 4580 leaves from Patna at 8.20 pm and arrives Kolkata at 10.00 pm. The Kolkata-Patna every second day flights that is Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday are suitably timed with flight, IT 4581 leaving from Kolkata at 9.05 am and incoming in Patna at 10.40 am with the return flight, IT 4582 leaving from Patna at 12 in the afternoon and reaching Kolkata at 1.30 pm.

The Ranchi-Raipur straight air travel functions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and are opportunely timed with flight, IT 4573 leaving from Ranchi at 7.30 am and reaching Raipur at 9.00 am. The return flight, IT 4574 leaves from Raipur at 10.20 am and arrives in Ranchi at 11.45 am.

Kingfisher Airlines takes care of all sections of the air travel varying from low-fare service – Kingfisher Red, to the first-class economy service – Kingfisher Class, to the well-appointed Kingfisher First. As India’s most important airline, Kingfisher Airlines provides the greatest number of flights presented by any single airline system in India. Kingfisher Airlines links approximately 63 cities in India and 7 worldwide destinations and has more than 360 daily departures with a convoy of 67 aircraft.

This particular Airlines has introduced a track of modernization and inducted a range of market-firsts that have entirely redefined the complete experience of flying. By uplifting its customers to a point of being ‘guests’ and not just commuters, Kingfisher Airlines has made itself very popular to the consumers.