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Summertime in Paphos

Summertime in Paphos

Cyprus is situated in a perfect position in the eastern Mediterranean, one that helps it enjoy a relatively mild climate all year round, yet the peak period of summer still remains tolerable in terms of temperature. There are many resorts throughout the Mediterranean that can claim similar weather, islands such as Sicily and Sardinia are just two, while the Ibiza and Majorca in the western Med only have slightly cooler and damper winters. Where an island like Cyprus really has an advantage is its mix of modern and ancient cultures which provide much more for its visitors than just long lazy days on the beach.

Read any travel brochure about Paphos and you’ll read about the birthplace of Aphrodite and its pretty little harbour. The real story of Paphos however is its increasing popularity as a holiday resort. It can no longer claim to be just a little town and its permanent residents are now a colourful mix of multiple nationalities, making it a dynamic and interesting town at any time of year. It can now justifiably rate itself as one of the most popular resorts on the whole of Cyprus.

Paphos old town is easily found, with narrow streets and interesting buildings that date back many hundreds of years. Roman mosaics and Byzantine castles date back even further and provide Paphos with plenty of historical heritage to satisfy the busy sightseer. The old Paphos Castle watches over the harbour area and is often the location for outdoor concerts and theatre performances during the warm summer evenings. Paphos castle has an intriging past, with it be reconstructed several times its lifetime by the Byzantines, Ottomans, French, Venetians and even used as a salt store by the British. It is the main focal point of the harbour area and welcomes thousands of visitors each year.

To satisfy the growth of the population and tourist volumes, the lower part of Paphos, or Kato Paphos, has benefited from careful development and now boasts a wide selection of shops, restaurants and cafes, which are busy and thriving all summer long. More modern attractions are provided by the Aquarium and the nearby water park, although the beaches in the area also offer jet skiing, windsurfing and waterskiing to keep the active occupied.

One driver of all of this growth is the modern Paphos International airport, situated just a few miles from centre of Paphos. The airport receives flights from all over Europe and a short bus or taxi journey will take most people to their holiday accommodation, without the need for long transfer.

There are a number of beaches, large and small, close to Paphos, with Coral Bay, less than 5 miles away, being one of the more popular due to its size and safe swimming. Being a port, Paphos has a big connection with boats and there are many choices of day trips to be had on the water. All kinds of boat trips are offered by local boat owners including relaxing cruises, sight-seeing trips in glass-bottom boats and dine and cruise trips during the evenings.

Lovers of sporting activities will not be disappointed in Paphos either, with choices including snorkeling, jet skiing, horse riding and golf at any of three local venues.

So don’t limit your research to the weather charts when planning your next summer vacation. Locations like Paphos can offer all the typical elements that make a great sunshine break, but also offer alternative areas of interest to contribute to a fantastic holiday for everyone.