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What to Pack When Travelling to Costa Rica

What to Pack When Travelling to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the jewels of Central America. Combining a number of environments – jungle canopy, rain forest, cloud forest, beach — the country’s climate can change from one coast to another. And this is most likely the route a tourist will travel when purchasing Costa Rica vacation packages. This means packing a variety of clothes, including some which may stay in the country. Here are some recommendations on what to pack for a trip to Costa Rica.

1. Clothes to Throw Away
Portions of Costa Rica are humid and rainy for a good portion of the year. Certain garments, particularly those made of cotton, may get soggy and never dry. Throw these back into a suitcase and they start to turn ripe, making the clean clothes smelly as well. Consider bringing clothes which can be disposed of in country. These should be inexpensive items from the local thrift or charity store.

2. Mixed Fibers
Polyester clothes are normally frowned upon when packing for tropical vacations. However, they’re of utmost importance in Costa Rica because they are quick-drying items. Think of a mix of fibers in clothes, particularly those which wick off water.

3. Rain Gear
Forego ponchos when packing for Costa Rica — they’re hard to dry and very warm when in humid regions. Consider an mixed fabric rain jacket with a breathable webbing insert. This can keep the wearer both dry and cool in the jungles and rain forests. In addition, pack closed-toed shoes and non-cotton socks to absorb moisture.

4. Long-Sleeved Garments
Long pants, light long-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts are important to pack on a trip to Costa Rica. The sweatshirt is needed should a visitor tour the cloud forests of Monteverde since it’s much cooler than sea level. The long pants and long-sleeved shirts are needed for tours of the jungles and rain forests to shield bare skin mosquitoes and other creepy-crawlies which love to attach themselves to anything.

5. Swimwear
Bathing suits are not only for the beaches of both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. In fact, they’re required attire for the hot springs around Arenal Volcano. Tourists may also want to wear them as they tour the many rivers that wind through the country. Swim shoes should also be packed instead of sandals, as they tend to dry quicker, and dry clothes are a must.

Costa Rica is a small country with huge variety. Packing smartly is important – just as important as planning the vacation.